Exlore the secret of Hops and Enjoy the depthful world of Beer !!

What is

Experience "how hops become beer" and "beer and local food pairing" to have a memorable glass of beer in
your life in Tono,where is a major producer of Japanese hops.

Take a step forward to become

Take a step forward to become "Home of Beer"

Hop, a magical ingrediant determine taste of beer.
The mission of Tono, Japan's leading producer of hops over the past half-century, is to pursue the development of a township dedicated to beer and hops.

Our dream is to have glasses of Tono's beer and eating local foods together with hop producers and beer brewers with fresh hop aroma in the hop filed.

We hope various people come to such a "Home of Beer", and many ideas and dreams overflow in the future.

It's as if the whole town is like a big brewery, where more delicious beers and new cultures are born.

Our thoughts on ”Exlore the secret of Hops and Enjoy the depthful world of Beer !!”

Our thoughts on "Exlore the secret of Hops and Enjoy the depthful world of Beer !!"

"Beer" that has already been incorporated into our everyday life.
However, there are surprisingly few people who have experienced the gorgeous aroma by touching real hops that determines the taste of the beer.

There are more than 100 types of hops in the world, and the aroma and taste of beer vary depending on the combination, amount used, and beer style brewed.

Just as you learn the grape varieties, the wine becomes more delicious, and if you know about hops, beer will be more delicious and fun.

We hope the beer culture that each and every one of you has grown up will be more interesting!

Food Infomation
Try our Padron-peppers together with Tono-beer!

Padron, a sort of sweet green peppers is a popular vegetable appetizer in Spain. Although it is still rare in Japan, the combination with beer is perfect! Currently, Tono has introduced a large-scale Dutch-style house cultivation, aiming to solve the problem of shortage of human resources in the Japanese agricultural industry and countryside. Please enjoy pairing with Tono-beer.

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Access to JR Tono sta.

By Shinkansen

  • 54mins from JR Shinhanamaki sta. by Kamaishi line
  • 42mins from JR Shinhanamaki sta. by car

By airplane

  • From Iwate Hanamaki airport to JR Shinhanamaki sta. by Taxi (10mins)→JR Shinhanamaki sta.→JR Tono sta.
  • About 1 hour from Iwate Hanamaki airport by car


〒028-0501 28 Jiwari 63-1 Nukamae, Aozasa-cho, Tono city, Iwate
Phone: Main Line 050-8880-1870、Beer Tourism 050-8880-1872