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28 Jiwari 63-1 Nukamae, Aozasa-cho, Tono city, Iwate
President Atsushi Yoshida
Date of establishment
February 19, 2018
90 million yen
Business Contents
・Cultivation and sales of hops and Padron peppers
・Sales of processed hops and Padron peppers
・Beer tourism

President Atsushi Yoshida

Our Products

Tono-Padron peppers


It is a sort of sweet green peppers native to Spain, which is still rare in Japan. We started to cultivate Tono-Padron in 2012 with the aim of producing a new vegetable that matches beer in the hop production area, Tono.

We have introduced a large-scale Dutch-style house cultivation method to our farm since 2019. Based on in-house analysis of ingredients, our Padron-pepper has about 1.5 times the antioxidant effect, 1.25 times higher sugar content, and 0.34 times lower nitrate ion (*one of the causative substances of bitterness and astringent taste) than the average sweet green peppers. Details are also introduced in the “Tono-Padron Story” linked below.

Tono-Padron peppers(raw)

Tono-Padron peppers(raw)

You can feel the original taste of freshly harvested vegetables and the sweetness of Padron. Simply fry our Padron and sprinkle with salt for making an easy and good snack for beer! Padron is recommended for stir-fried foods as well as Western-style dishes using olive oil and cheese.

Tono-Padron Frit

Tono-Padron Frit

We battered freshly harvested Padrones and fried them. You may be surprised with its crispy texture and deep Umami taste. Just like the raw Tono-Padron, you can easily enjoy it just by frying it in oil. Since it can be stored frozen, you can enjoy it as a beer snack whenever you want, even in the midwinter when you cannot harvest raw Tono-Padrons.

Tono-Red Padron

Tono-Red Padron

As a green Padron grows, the color turns to red and becomes spicy taste. You can enjoy its unique Umami taste, pungency, and vivid colors by using them as a spice in cooking. We developed original products such as sausages and crispy snacks in collaboration with food business companies. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in develop collaborate product with our Tono-Red Padron.

Tono-Red Padron Chorizo

Tono-Red Padron Chorizo

It features a simple but refreshing spicy taste made by adding spices such as Tono-Red Padron and Cumin etc., garlic, olive oil and tomato paste to local pork meat. We collaborated with "Niku no Fugane", who won the gold medal at the IFFA Japan Meat Processing Contest.

“Kaki-no-Tane” Tono-Red Padron ver.

“Kaki-no-Tane” Tono-Red Padron ver.

Red-Padron taste of Japanese famous beer snack "Kaki no Tane" is now on sale! Despite the strong spiciness, it has a deep Umami taste that you have never tasted before. It can be purchased at souvenir shops in Tono city, so it is recommended to get a souvenir together with bottles of Tono beer.
* As this is a limited time product, there are times when it is not available.

Anbe’s Spicy Miso

Anbe’s Spicy Miso

“Anbe” is a famous lamb BBQ restaurant in Tono. We collaborated with Anbe for producing a perfect dish accompany Japanese rice! Anbe’s spicy miso made from Tono-Red Padron and high-quality lamb meat with the secret sauce. You can purchase it at the souvenir shop in Tono city or online shop of “Anbe”.

Click here for cooking examples of Tono-Padron peppers and Tono-Red Padron!

Our Hops

A hop that characterizes the bitterness and aroma of beer and is called the "soul of beer." Tono city, Iwate prefecture is the largest hop production area in Japan. Hops are also used as herb in tea and candy, and are expected to have a good night's sleep effect and allergy symptoms. However, Japan's hop production is only 0.2% of the world, and production of Japanese hops had been halved from 2005 to 2017 due to the aging of producers and lack of successors. In addition to conventional hop cultivation, we introduced German-style cultivation methods to increase production volume and eliminate labor shortages.

Hops Herb Cordial

Hops Herb Cordial

This product is made from our hops IBUKI, a Japanese variety of hops, with the hope of promoting various use of hops. You can feel the refreshing sweetness and richness of the aroma of hops as herbs. Since it is 10 fold dilution, it can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as splitting with hot water or soda, or using it for yogurt or sweets.

Click here for inquiries about commercial products

Tono Padron StoryClick here for retailer and detailed information.
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